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Voo Berlin

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Voo Store, Kreuzberg, Berlin

I LOVE THIS PLACE. I found it by chance, when I was hunting for the Acne Canada scarf online about a year and a half ago. I did a bit more digging, and as it turns out, they are a very well respected concept store in Berlin carrying some of the most coveted brands.

The store opened in November 2010 as an experiment since nothing similar existed in the area. Kreuzberg is very much an up and coming part of Berlin, and can closely relate to east London. With scattered restaurants, bars and vintage stores, it’s safe to say Voo is one of a kind in this area and has filled a gap in the local market. Their selection of brands change seasonally, and the staff and creative director are always open to different choices. They pick pieces from collections and present them differently in store, taking them out of their conventional context.

The store isn’t limited to fashion though, Voo does quite a few popups relating to art and design and often holds seasonal events including local magazine launches. Their photo exhibitions are featured in German magazines which attracts many creatives to their store. One of their most successful collaborations has been with Brooklyn We Go Hard, where they designed exclusive jumpers.

As I’m sure is obvious, part of the reason I love Voo is due to it’s vast range of Scandinavian brands, which are a love of local Berliners. The store is always changing and can be different from week to week, month to month. I would recommend signing up to their emails to stay in the loop with exciting collaborations and new arrivals!

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