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Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

If I could take myself back to any one place right now, it would be Ubud. Many times people have asked me to describe what Bali is like, but there is no real way of doing it justice. For me it just got better and better. I arrived in Seminyak having heard terrible things about Kuta, that I shouldn’t spend any time there because it was really dirty and full of party-goers. I ended up staying at an incredible hostel called Island hotel, meeting a group of like-minded people, and travelling with them throughout the rest of the Indonesia leg of my trip. I ultimately realized my experience depended mainly on the people I met.

After Kuta, I had initially decided to do a day trip to Ubud, which I heard was the place for relaxation, yoga, hiking, and trekking. This was where my entire view of Bali changed, and one day turned into five. Having travelled quite a bit I’ve found the landscapes in a lot of countries to be similar until I arrived in Ubud. I can’t describe it any other way than feeling like you’re in a jungle. I guess it’s a combination of the plants, flowers, animals, architecture and, even food. This otherworldly place prides itself on being green, clean, and extremely vegan-friendly. It almost felt like one massive health and wellness club.

I stayed in Sandat Bali, a scenic guest house in the centre of town with a local farm. For breakfast they would serve fruits, eggs, crepes and pancakes all made with local organic ingredients. Between endless yoga (Radiantly Alive and Yoga Barn were my favourite), a 2am 2000 metre trek up Mount Batur to watch the sunrise, 4-hour long bike rides through mountains, and fruit so sweet you can’t believe it’s natural, it’s safe to say Ubud stole my heart.

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