Stockholm Syndrome

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My recent awareness of being part-swedish (hard to believe, I know), combined with my undying love for Acne Studios, gave me a serious craving to go to Stockholm. Being the jetsetter that I am, I felt it was imminent to my title  and reputation as a travel freak to follow through on this craving. Well – I am now obsessed with all things Swedish. The food, people, architecture, night-life, fashion, you name it. You could probably tell me something is Swedish just to make me love it.

I think the best part of my experience in Sweden was seeing the Acne Studios Flagship store and hearing all about it’s history. It was an utter shock to me to find out just how influential the story is. The Acne Flagship store on Norrmalmstorg is one of the most famous buildings in Sweden. Formerly a branch of Kreditbanken, this was where the 1973 bank heist took place which introduced the world to Stockholm Syndrome – a psychological phenomenon where hostages grow empathetic towards their captors. What used to be the vaults are now storerooms where Acne stocks their beautiful denim range (see below). Needless to say, I purchased 3 pairs (among too many other things) during my visit to the store. Overall, it was a wonderful experience seeing the store, and finding out that the hostages and their captors still pop in for a visit from time to time. The staff at Acne were absolutely wonderful (as is everyone in Stockholm) – they gave us useful recommendations on where eat, party, and just hang. I highly recommend visiting Riche for a meal/night out.

Up at 8am for a day full of shopping at the Acne Flagship store (wearing sunnies mainly to hide how tired I was)

Some of their S/S12 range (it was May when I went so they were still showing this)

Definite favourite of mine in their footwear collection for S/S12

Acne has essentially made the design of their store around the architecture of the original building

Love the pillars

The wonderfully dynamic yet minimal denim collection

More shoes

Snowdon Blue Collection


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