Stockholm Love – Top 5 Things to Do

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Gamla Stan, Stockholm

ASOS white bandeau dress, Vintage bag, Acne sunglasses (from the archive!), Uniform Wares watch

The Scandinavian fashion appeal lies in it’s minimalism, simplicity, and attention to detail. After witnessing Stockholm street style in the flesh during my first visit just over a year ago, I decided to delve much deeper into Scandinavian brands notably Wood Wood, Odeur, Carin Wester, Fillippa K, Bik Bok and Anine Bing. It wasn’t long before these brands began to overtake my wardrobe. I’ll go into detail about where to go for the best fashion in Stockholm in my next post, but for now here are a few tips outside of fashion that I would recommend: 1) Go for brunch at Fåfängan 2) Eat dinner at Sturhof (very famous seafood restaurant – apparently Bill Clinton was dining there just before us) 3) Take a boat tour to Djurgården (island/garden in central Stockholm – photos below) and Skansen (open air museum and zoo – photos below) 4) Check out the old town Gamla Stan (where my outfit photos take place below) and 5) Go to bars F12 and Berns hotel. The best areas to go out in are Östermalm (where you’ll find Stureplan – famous street with many bars) and Södermalm. Most places are open til 5am and in the summer it gets light outside at about 3am so it’s pretty strange when you leave the bar!

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