So Long Hong Kong

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Wan Chai, Hong Kong

American apparel crop top and shorts, The Kooples shirt, Fjallraven bag, Stories shoes

It seems sort of backwards to be sharing photos from the last part of my trip but I was too excited to talk about Hong Kong. To me, this bustling Asian destination is quickly the becoming the fashion city that never sleeps. With a hunger for independent labels and ideal legalities when it comes to doing business, Hong Kong is quickly becoming the place for fashion brands to set up shop in Asia Pacific – and it’s happening now.

On my last night in HK I attended a really interesting trade show run by The Hub, a company that carefully curates select international brands to present their collections to retailers and buyers across Asia. My friend works for Maximal Concepts (lifestyLe marketing agency) whose restaurant happened to be sponsoring the event. I noticed brands like Whyred and Ada + Nik presenting their looks and I thought, what better way to break into the market. The crazy thing is that this is the ONLY trade show across all of Asia that exists! It was fascinating how many independent brands are trying to break through into Asian markets, and yet there is still a massive hunger. It hasn’t hit anywhere close to saturation. This need is so strong that luxury brands like Chanel and Dior have declining sales and are having to discount their products even in the absence of multiple brands to replace them.

Not only that, but there is no denying the fitness and food scene in a city where you can almost taste the dim sum as you walk through Central Soho. I was shocked at the number of organic food stores, gluten free restaurants, Pure Yogas, H-Kore’s, and cross-fits there were. It’s like every corner you turn you bump into one. When it came to food, I particularly fell for the otherworldy gluten free BLT at Life Cafe, Fig and coconut chai smoothie at Mannah Mediterranean, and Vietnamese summer rolls at La Taste. My mouth is watering just writing about them.

It’s safe to say Hong Kong is a place I can definitely see myself living in, and I think it will be my next home-stop (one-day). Sorry Mom and Dad, the time difference may just keep growing…

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