Krakow Take One

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Kazimierz, Krakow, Poland

Photos by Jordana Terk

Sandro jacket, Mango pinstripe trousers, Helmut Lang leather jumper, Adidas Stan Smiths, Celine tote

Krakow is a fascinating, yet fairly underdeveloped place. The rugged architecture has so much history and culture you can just feel there’s a story behind every building. I went on mission to discover the food, fashion, and nightlife landscape of the city. I was thoroughly impressed with the number of incredible Jewish-inspired bakeries! My favourite by far was Piekarnia Awiteks in Kazimierz, the Jewish Quarter. This bakery has some of the most delicious, crumbly cheese danishes, cheesecakes, and other traditional Jewish pastries I have ever tasted! Not to worry if you can’t find this one in particular, you can literally just get lost in the streets of Kazimierz and come across a bakery at nearly every corner.

Besides the pastries, Krakow is best known for it’s dumplings. We headed to Pod Baranem to have some of these. I’m gluten intolerant but they have an entire menu specializing in dishes for food allergies, which was perfect. I went for the cabbage mushroom dumplings – they were full of flavour, so fresh, and deliciously moist. I highly recommend this spot – I couldn’t have asked for a better meal!

Krakow is also infamous for it’s cafe and bar culture. There are loads of incredible little gems, especially in Kazimierz. This is the trendy and ‘hip’ area of Krakow where you’ll find a square of popular bars, restaurants and cafes to get lost in. B.B.Q & WHISKEY (no website but address is Ul. Mostowa 2) is definitely worth noting for lunch. We spent our evenings at Alchemia and Manzana Restaurant. Alchemia has a very rustic, cosy feel to it. From their incredible mezze platters to traditional Krakow main dishes, they have about 5 different rooms where you can lose track of time eating and drinking by the fireplace. It’s definitely the type of bar you start out your night at. Manzana is modern Mexican – and I’m not kidding they have the world’s best nachos. Topped with hot chilli peppers, cheese, sour cream, homemade salsa and guacamole, I literally could have had 5 servings. Luckily I stuck to one so I could have enough room for the taquitos. Yum!

I also recommend dropping by The Candy Shop, Krakow, which is a new shop run by Irish Dave Doran and his lovely Polish wife. They are such warm, wonderful people and they welcome you into their shop to enjoy some of Poland’s best sweets. They are already listed as one of the top 5 stores to visit in Krakow and they’ve only been open a couple months!

More recommendations to come, including my favourite contemporary concept store.

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