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Today is the day.

Today marks the first day of a very long journey for me. In about 4 hours I will depart on a flight to London, UK. I am doing a fashion PR internship there with a firm called Starworks Group (http://www.starworksgroup.com/).

I admit I am pretty nervous, but EXCITED as well! This is a big step for me since I am really interested in starting a career in the fashion industry.

Packing life into 2 suitcases is easier said than done..


A little bit about myself.

I just graduated from the Ivey business school at Western. I finished my last semester in Milan, Italy (which was UNREAL) and I travelled for 2.5 months after with my unbelievable friends (shoutouts to TEAM COOL and tripod). One of my last trips of the summer was to London, where I fell in love with the place and decided I wanted to intern there. I chose London not only because of its AMAZING partying/shopping/culture/people, but also because London is one of the biggest fashion powerhouses aside from Milan, Paris and New York.
After I decided to take another trip across the pond, I quickly realized I had to get a job. Hudsons Bay Company has been occupying my time until just a few days ago. I worked in merchandise marketing there as a coordinator. Definitely a great experience!


Well.. thats all for now. I am heading off to the airport now!

This will sweeten my trip… thanks Kylie/Kim!

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  • Robyn

    Love this blog and the Swacket lol. Sounds like London is the perfect place for you! I am glad I can still get my fashion advice and updates of your life all in one! Miss you so much and hope your first week at Starworks is going well! xoxox

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