An Egyptian Hyatt

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Hyatt Regency, Sharm El Sheik, Egypt

Designers Remix shorts, & Other Stories shirt, Carven clutch (similar here), Daniel Wellington watch

With two private beaches and the most delectable Egyptian brunch, the Hyatt Regency Sharm El Sheik is genuinely one of the most beautiful accommodations I have ever stayed in. Prior to this holiday I was slightly traumatized by my youth of resort getaways. I know that sounds strange, but despite the impeccable scenery, staying in the Ibero Star in Dominican Republic usually consisted of dirty beaches, repetitive food trying to mimic North America, a cheesy disco, watered down cocktails, and being tied to the resort grounds because it was too dangerous to leave. So when it came to resorts I always had low expectations – that is, until my experience at the Hyatt in Sharm.

Because of all the political uprise in Egypt (which by the way doesn’t happen anywhere close to the coast), the Regency was less than half the price it should have been. The experience, service, food, and rooms were all incredible. The beaches were private, and really quiet so you didn’t have locals trying to sell to you all day. It was honestly like living in a palace. One thing I noticed about Hyatts in general is that they are actually extremely responsive over social media. They took the time to retweet and reply to every single photo I posted, even if I didn’t tag their twitter! I was really impressed by that. I think for a luxury brand, it’s really important to give your customers that extra attention, and ensure they are happy. Because I work in digital communications I always notice these things and usually luxury brands are often afraid of being too accessible online. I know luxury is all about exclusivity, but it’s different online. If your customers are engaging with your brand, they want you to engage right back at them. The online world has changed the environment of luxury and how it operates, and brands need to be adapting to that. Well done to the Hyatt for giving me such an incredible experience, both on and offline!

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